1. Gift of Hearing Project: Preventing hearing impairment among babies and toddlers

2. Free Health Clinic: Free eye screening and treatment

3. Girl Power: Providing personal hygiene items to girls in need


1. B.O.S.S Project: Business Ownership Success School teaches women how to create sustainable businesses and provide grants to those who successfully complete the program

2. Girl Esteem: etiquette, self-esteem building for girls and scholarship program brilliant young ladies

3. Vocational Skills Learning Facilities: building training centers to bridge the gap and disparities among community (disability accessible)


1. Organic Farming Project: Cultivation of crops to serve those of the community and to feed Foundation’s livestock

2. Rearing of Livestock: Production of pigs, goats, cattle, rabbits, poultry farm, etc.


1. History Tour: Visit Ghanaian landmarks such as castles/forts, Kakum National Park, Monkey Sanctuary, etc.

2. Link to Ancestors: Lectures about Ghana and its history including slave trade, natural resources, etc.

3. Inter-Cultural Exchange Program: Exchange of cultural practices between each country