Pipe-borne Water Project at Berasi

Less Privileged Ghana Foundation in partnership with ABA DON Youth Foundation, has successfully connected a pipe-borne water flow to Berasi A.M.E Zion School. The lack of water supply has been a burden for the entire community for over 20 years. The smiles on the faces of the children, the staff, and community members after seeing pipe-borne water flow in the school for the first time was amazing and heartfelt experience.
The organization is still looking for partners who have the needy at heart, so that together we can help make the world a better place for us all.
Head Teacher of Berasi A.M.E Zion School (Mr. Koomson), showed profound gratitude to LPGF and ABA DON Youth Foundation for a job well done. After a successful commissioning of Berasi A.M.E Zion water project, we also took the time to teach the pupils of the school on the best ways of maintaining personal hygiene – specifically washing their hands with soap and water very well before and after eating or after visiting the nature call.
Thank you to those who participated. A special thanks to the LPGF team and ABA DON Youth Foundation team for working across all length and breadth to making this project a success. Together we say a big THANK YOU to DANNY and JENNY for their support and commitments towards this water project as well.