Society and Less Privileged Ghana Foundation

Society has driven people into believing that, social challenges in life are God given. This negative impression is rather unfortunate because the actions and inactions of members of the society are often times largely responsible for the social misfortunes of others. Although the World Bank says poverty is on the decline, more than one billion people world widely are now facing difficulties regarding socio-economic lives. Many people especially in African countries require health care, food, clothing, education for the less privileged and shelter. This situation calls help from governments and non-governmental organizations to provide basic necessities of life such as water, shelter and education for the less privileged.

Fortunately many governmental and non-governmental organizations have taken up the challenge to offer help to the needy. Such organizations, religious and non-religious bodies share similar objectives and inspirations to give to the needy. One of such organizations that is in the forefront of providing support for large number of people throughout Ghana and beyond is Ghana for Less Privileged (GH4LP)